3 quick workouts that help boost your mood

Running workouts are proven to help improve a bad mood.

People who exercise regularly tend to have more self-confidence, less stress and lower rates of depression. That’s because when you exercise your body releases endorphins, chemicals that reduce your perception of pain and make you feel good. When you feel like a total boss babe after a good workout and suddenly that terrible day at the office doesn’t matter anymore, you can thank your endorphins for that.

Here are 3 quick workouts that help boost your mood:


No need to spend a small fortune on a fancy power yoga classes, even 15 minutes of gentle yoga can work wonders on a bad mood. Breathe. Flow. Let it go.


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When your tolerance for b.s. is dangerously low and you’ve still got a full day ahead of you, go on a brisk 10-minute walk.

There’s nothing like a little time outside to give you a burst of energy on a bad day.


Try getting your run on for at least 15 minutes to help you go from crappy to happy.


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