3 Ways to Feel Better after Overeating

Exercise is one way to feel better after overeating.

You bookmarked healthy recipes. You made sure there would be salad. You even had a few healthy snacks before the big feast. Then it was time for Thanksgiving dinner, and you went hard.

No judgement. You should never feel bad about enjoying a special night of family, friends, and good food–especially when you can follow these simple tips to help you bounce back and boost digestion after overeating.

3 ways to feel better after overeating:


Keep water with you at all times. Being properly hydrated will de-puff your entire body, help you flush toxins and reduce that groggy food hangover feeling. Get tons of fancy water recipes on our Healthy Hydration Pinterest board to help you keep sipping.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water to help kickstart digestion and reduce bloating. If you’re not into the flavor, the juice from half a lemon will help.


A good sweat session–running, biking, a friendly but competitive game of family flag football, or a power walk–will help get rid of bloating and help shake off sluggishness. Check out these walking and running tips for ways to maximize your time and increase your calorie burn.

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