6 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Girls’ Outing

6 ideas to inspire your next girls outing

Tribe, posse, gal pals, squad. Whatever you like to call your inner circle, there’s no better way to kick off your goals for the new year than to make time for some fun and relaxation with the women that support you most. We love girl-time, so we’re sharing our favorite ways to hang with our friends. Here are six ideas to inspire your next girls’ outing. 

#1 Farmers Market

Taking a trip to your local farmer’s market is a great way to spend the morning or afternoon with your girlfriends. Not only can you feast on a variety of healthy, fresh and often organic foods, but you can also knock out your grocery shopping for the coming week and pick up some fresh flowers for your abode. Who doesn’t love multi-tasking?

#2 DIY Spa Party

Been wanting to try out that avocado facial mask recipe that you found on Pinterest? Well, now you can. Have each of your girlfriends bring their own DIY beauty recipe and ingredients and try them out on each other. While waiting for your masks to set, you can sip on wine and binge watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

#3 Healthy Potluck

Nothing says “community” like a pot luck. Have each of your girlfriends make and bring their favorite healthy dish, plus printouts of the recipe for everyone to take home. This is a great way to discover new foods and dishes, and learn how to make them yourself. Decide who’s going to host next month’s gathering to keep this healthy habit going all year long.

6 ideas to inspire your next girls' outing.

#4 Free Yoga Sessions

Research local studios or retailers like Lululemon, Athleta and Nike that host free community fitness classes in your area. On top of being able to try something new out together, it’s free!

#5 Arts and Crafts Night

The list of possibilities is endless. Use that ceiling-high stack of magazines (be honest with yourself, you’re not going to read them!) to create vision boards that communicate your goals and intentions for 2016. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest. Have a few friends bring their favorite healthy appetizer for the group to enjoy and let the crafting begin.

#6 Clothes Swap

Resolving to be more thrifty this year? Get rid of clothes, accessories and beauty products that you don’t use any more, and swap them with items no longer used by your girlfriends. One lady’s rubbish can be another lady’s treasure. Plus, it’s just like shopping, but without spending money.

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