Crush Your Professional Goals this Year with these 6 Strategies

Nail your professional goals with these 6 tips

Whether you’re on the fast-track to your dream job or figuring out your next move, the new year is a great time to check in with your professional goals and see if they need a performance review. Don’t worry, these tips will make the process painless!

Before you scan any more job postings, take time to reassess. Here are simple quick-start tips to get you started on making sure you love what you do. Easy-peasy, you can start this week.

#1 – Make two lists. List out all the things you currently enjoy about your job, the stuff that’s fulfilling to you and the projects that you’re most proud of contributing to. On the other list, jot down the skills you’d like to learn and any of the responsibilities you’d love to have in your next gig. You can even scan job postings for inspiration. Compare the lists, and identify the gaps. What are the skills you need to develop to get you that much closer to landing your dream job this year?

Making two lists like these can help you identify clear next steps and set realistic goals about what you can accomplish in the near term.  Maybe there’s an extra project you can take on at work or a part-time class in your area to help you reach your goals or make a career pivot.

#2 – Drink more coffee. Ask someone you admire or someone you think is working for a great company to grab coffee. Tell them you love what they’re doing and want to learn more about their day-to-day. Make sure to prepare some basic questions so that you make good use of the time. Chances are they’ll love the opportunity to mentor and offer advice in an informal setting. Be sure to follow up with a quick thank you e-mail.

#3 Stock up on energizing office snacks. Make sure you have the energy to crush your professional goals this year. Store a few energizing snacks at work like almonds, these chocolate chip bites, or veggies and hummus for those times when you need an extra boost. Keeping your energy up during the day could be a game-changer in keeping your creative juices  flowing all day long.

#4 Make a commitment to volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to extend your inner circle, find like-minded individuals that share your career or creative passions, give back and network. Plus, you may be surprised at what new skills you uncover in a volunteer setting… leading a team, building something from the ground-up, organizing a meeting or training.

#5 Take time to decompress.

Keeping your mind fresh and your thinking clear is not only important to doing your job well, but it also helps with your mental and emotional well-being. Take 10 minutes everyday to step away from your desk and work to clear your mental cobwebs. Download a daily meditation app or take a quick walk outside after lunch. You can even plan a run after work to help clear your head.

#6 – Check your style. – Your style can say a lot about how you navigate challenges and express yourself. Invest in one piece this month that makes you feel confident. As a next step, schedule a networking event and plan to wear your new frock to it. Hello, promotion!

You spend so much of your life at work, so making sure you feel fulfilled and stimulated by your nine-to-five is definitely part of your overall wellness equation. This seems so simple on the surface, but it’s a great reminder that your dream career doesn’t have to be something distant you’re working towards, it can be now.
This year, do you by loving what you do! Tell us in the comments about one thing you’re doing this year to launch your career goals.

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