Holiday Travel Tips: Simple Ways to Look Good After a Flight

Healthy holiday travel tips: How to feel refreshed after a flight.

Throughout the month, we’ve shared tips on how to eat well, feel good, and stay calm while dealing with the stress of navigating airport security, terminals, and food courts. Now let that outer beauty shine! These holiday travel tips are our favorite ways to look good after a flight.

Touch down and touch up. These simple tips will help you look like you didn’t just get off a plane.

Drink up – Be sure to sip water during your flight. Airplane air is dry and can be dehydrating, which can cause fatigue, headaches and irritability.

Bright eyes – The last thing we want to do on a flight is put down a juicy book or an interesting article, but if your eyes tend to get red, tired or dry, be sure to take a break from looking at your phone, tablet or laptop screen to help prevent your eyes from fatiguing. Try breaking up your reading session with a power nap.

Spritz – A few mists of a facial toner will add much-needed moisture to your skin. We always have two bottles of the Fig & Yarrow Complexion Water–one for travel and one for the gym.

Smile – If you can carry-on your toothbrush or mini mouthwash, make a quick trip to the bathroom post-flight to freshen up your breath and get ready to flash your pearly whites.

Healthy holiday travel tips: How to feel refreshed after a flight.

Keep a secret weapon by your side – We spotted travel-friendly coconut oil packs at LaGuardia and had to snatch one up. We added a bit to our coffee and used the rest to keep our lips and hands soft and moisturized throughout the flight.
For more holiday travel tips, check out our picks for the best airports for exercise, prep for your flight with these healthy eating tips and try these simple ways to calm stress and anxiety. Happy holidays, beauty!

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