Mira Boosts: 4 Ways to Burn More Calories While Walking

4 ways to burn more calories during a walk

Check out these 4 ways to burn more calories while walking, straight from Mira’s Boost library, with added expert advice from NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and Pilates teacher, Jacquelyn Brennan.

Swing your arms and you’ll burn 5-10% more calories

Mira Boost: Walk like a woman on a mission! Swing your arms while you walk to get your abs and back working. Stand tall, relax your shoulders, bend elbows and swing arms forward.

Don’t take longer strides

Walking at a faster pace instead of trying to extend your legs to take longer strides is a safer, more effective way to walk.

Jacquelyn says: “Quickening your pace instead of lengthening your stride is easier on your muscles and joints. Over lengthening your stride can increase the strain on both your legs and feet.”

Personal trainer Jacquelyn Brennan
Jacquelyn Brennan

Learn to love speed intervals

We’re all about intervals here at the MFB to help maximize our walking workouts.

Jacquelyn says: “As you gain endurance, make your intervals longer until you can walk a mile at a steady, quick pace.”

Mira Boost: Challenge yourself to walk as fast as you can for one-minute intervals during your next walk. Hey, if you’re feeling really strong, jogging works, too.

Walking Boost from the Mira app

Head for the hills

Jacquelyn says: “Adding inclines to your workout will increase your heart rate, increase your respiratory rate, burn more calories, and challenge different muscles to engage.” If possible, try to find an area with hills for your next walking workout, or increase the incline on the treadmill.

Mira Boost: There’s an incline button on the treadmill for a reason, and that reason is to help you get an amazing booty. During your next walk, increase the incline to at least a 3.0 for a minimum of 2 minutes.


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